Timeless Images Photography came to life in 1985. Photography has been a passion since I was 7 years old.  From the very start, it had won my heart by capturing moments that would remind me of  the precious memories of life.  Life that is not to be taken for granted but cherished everyday for what it beholds.  The simple, yet elegant, everyday moments that we think just exist. Every day holds a miracle of life.  We think that we will just live on as we are but as time passes and we get older, we realize how fleeting time is and that change is inevitable.  To capture this to hold, look at and respond to, is an amazing and beautiful thing. This capturing of the moment has become my life with inexpressible beauty.  The moments of our lives are timeless. They are important and worthy of the capture.  My hope is to capture the meaningful time of your life through the world of my lens and the joy and expression of my heart.  That these moments captured will remind you of the beauty of your own life and times in a special way that will live on forever. That they will be passed down generation after generation, that history will hold and show these moments in their own special place and time. We hope to capture the love, hope and sharing of your lives with others that you can remember the "good times" and "how it was then".  We want to be able to answer any questions you may have and put you at ease to produce the most beautiful timeless images we can. Our hope is to make you extremely happy and that we both enjoy creating something elegant and timeless together. Feel free to call us and ask any questions about what we do or what you would like to have. We will work with you to help you have what you want.

Connie Jarzyna
Timeless Images Photography