I have loved photography from the first time I saw a photograph! Picking up the camera and actually taking a photograph at 7 years old was amazing! I still have those photo's I took back then of my brother and sister playing and my small baby kitties! They were simple black and white images with a white border that had zig-zag cut edges. The images were shot with a box Brownie camera (whew! That might be telling my age, LOL!). I still love taking photo's as much as I ever have and I am still taking photo's of my brother and sister! Thank God!

I am married, live in a small town in Shelby, NC, known for Don Gibson and Earl Scruggs and sing in a group called Echo Lane. Music has been as much a part of my life as photography. I write songs and have been fortunate enough to be a finalist at the Don Gibson Theater two years in row now for A Thousand Words and Wonderful Day In The Summer. I recently took a three week intensive yoga training class to teach and love it! It makes you feel like a million dollars so I would recommend it to everyone!

I take my photography seriously so have been a member of Professional Photographers of NC and Professional Photographers of America for many years and have achieved getting my Masters degree. I love being in the associations because of the many learning opportunites and networking. The people I have met and come to know that love photography like I do have been there when I've had questions or wanted an answer to something I could not find an answer for. I consider them good friends and I love when we get together to learn and have fun! I also love traveling to the many different places PPA goes! My father loved traveling in an RV so we have a little bit of gypsy in our blood! Just getting out to see all the varied landscape in the US is wonderful. Being out in the woods, hiking or canoeing down a river, trout fishing or just looking off an overlook at a beautiful 3 dimensional view is the best!

I do a lot of location work and have a beautiful studio at my home. I love seeing the perfect light and I am always looking for it!

I love working with YOU to produce what YOU love! Give me a call and we'll create something special together!

Connie Jarzyna, Master Photographer