These are some of the video's I have created over the years. Some of them are musical oriented and some are about photography or places

I have been.

  • Portfolio

    Compilation of work by Connie Jarzyna

  • While The Sun Sleeps

    The first music video I have made of an original song written by Al Stewart with Echo Lane. The back-up vocals are Connie Jarzyna.

  • PPNC Winter Guild Trailer

    A seminar of PPNC at Revolution Mill. Three great speakers, Henderson, Watts and Arni share their expertise

  • Paris France 2

    Le Sacre Coeur and the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful bride and groom, a rainy day with the wind and then a clear sky with a rally! There's even a guy dressed in costume to amuse the girls!

  • Paris France 3

    The Seine River; all of us goofing off at the Eiffel Tower, just having fun. Beautiful architecture in the city. the Seine at night. Notre Dame.

  • Palma Mallorca Spain

    After being in the city of Paris, Palma Mallorca was a beautiful retreat of beautiful beaches and blue waters. It was refreshing to be out of the city and relaxing in the sun. The city there was quaint and friendly with colorful architecture. It was an oasis of tranquility to get away from the hustle and bustle. Swimming in the waters and then basking in the warm sun was heavenly. I loved it!

  • Paris France 5

    Seafood market and Kubrick's Museum. Having dinner together at a lovely place, excellent food! Riding on subway and from the balcony of the apartment at night.

  • Green River Narrows

    An exciting trek for a true adventurer at heart. The Green River Narrows is truly a difficult passage for anyone at any age. It begins with a beautiful walk through woodland hills with the sound of a stream nearby. You can hear the rustle of the wind and smell the fragrant and luscious mixture of flower and fern, evergreen and wood.

  • Echo Lane_Dragonfly_1000 Words

    It was a wonderful night at the Dragonfly with Echo Lane playing classics, rock and original songs. It's a very relaxed atmosphere where everyone can have a drink, relax and socialize. Connie Jarzyna, Al Stewart and Terry Anderson have good, soft love songs as well as faster, energetic music for dancing.